Stay Close with Your Customer on Every Channel

Maintain your relationship with customer and make them happy

Innovative Customer Service

Resolving customer problem faster by delivering customer service and maintaining relationship with them on social networking

One for all platform

Have problem dealing with social media customer from every channel? Now you can manage everyone in one dashboard!

Lot's of Channel

We provide lot’s of social media channel for you including Line, Telegram, Instagram, Facebook messenger, and fully support Freshdesk


You can keep up with customer who use their preferred social media. One account for unlimited number of agent

Integration Roadmap


Top Priority Integration 1

Integration with LINE Messaging. Our top priority is to integrate with Line Messaging


Second Integration 2

Integration with Instagram is on the list. Support your customer via Instagram even it was comment or private message there – Currently under development


Support Integration 3

Not only with social media, we also integrate with customer support software. Partnership with Freshwork


Next Integration 4

Integration with mostly all of the social media such as, Facebook, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, Google Play Store, Telegram Whatsapp, and more

Fully Support Integration with

FRESHDESK Customer Support Software

Engage more with your customer across the boundaries

Manage long term relationship with your customer on social networking with one platform

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